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The Architectural  Division is responsible for all architectural work of the firm including analysis of clients' briefs, preparation of feasibility studies, design, working and production drawings, supervision of construction work and obtaining statutory approvals. 

The firm's architectural work embraces all types of buildings. Just as there are different types of buildings, each with its own characteristics and problems, so are there many different types of work in which the firm has been engaged.  In addition to the normal architectural work with new buildings, spanning from the initial briefing through to preparation of brief development, sketch designs, working and detail drawings, inviting and analyzing of tenders and supervision of construction works, the Firm's personnel have also been concerned with improving old buildings by extension, alteration, renovation, rehabilitation, remodelling and refurbishment. 

Equally, there has been need for sympathy in designing modern buildings which adjoin old buildings.  To do this, some special skills and qualifications have been necessary in our architectural staff, some of which include the design of new buildings and rehabilitation of old buildings, interior design, landscaping, research, teaching, writing and arbitration.


The Planning  Division embraces the whole physical  environment in which buildings stand and various communities live within the various ecological and environmental set-up and includes making the best use of national resources and the development of communities. 

This is a multi-disciplinary activity.  The staff have a fair knowledge of the environment, the economy, social and economic goals of the Government as well as the various constraints: political, legal and social, which affect Government decisions so that the staff is able to look at complex problems, analyze them, present and justify the conclusions.  This Division also deals with the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, development and master plans and all other physical planning wor.